Hair+Hair Care FAQ


How Do I Properly Take Care Of My Hair?

 Remember hair care is absolutely key. Your bundles & wigs should be washed & deep conditioned bi weekly. For shampoo & condition, we recomend using 'Tresseme' in the white|black bottle or 'Silicone Mix’. This shampoo should only be brought at your local hair store or Walmart-target. When washing your bundles, use cold water & wash bundles in a downward motion so that can your bundles can be properly cleaned. When drying hair, let air dry or use a microfiber cloth.


♡ For deepwave or curly hair, keep hair braided at night & refrain from using a comb or weave brush. For deepwave hair, please grasp with your hand to detangle. Keep a bi-weekly wash for deepwave hair. Spray bottle with cold water is recommended to keep hair wet & moisturized.

Always keep heat to a minimum for natural & 613 hair. High heat daily should not be used when curling or straightening natural|613 hair. You can also use a heat protector before adding heat to hair.  613 Hair is platinum blonde. For 613 hair, always add purple toning shampoo every few washes. Take hair to a professional for great results on color.  

For proper lace cleaning, dawn dish soap +hot water  is your bestfriend! Your lace should be lifted facing upwards inside of a container & clean lace only with HOT water. Ensure to thoroughly clean lace with a rag only in a downward motion after applying hot water water + dawn dish soap.

Is our lace HD OR Transparent? 
It is totally up to each customer on which lace you prefer. Transparent frontal wigs are the very first option on our website labeled 'Frontal Wigs'. If you prefer HD lace, please scroll to the very bottom of our hair page or search 'HD LACE WIGS'. 

Here is a brief description on the difference in a HD & Transparent lace. All lace that we provide does come slightly preplucked so that when you are ready to install, you can customize your lace to your liking. Our transparent lace is a more affordable lace that literally gets the job done just like our HD lace. Knots are thin, & both lace is very easy to work with for you or your stylist. 

Is each frontal unit a full frontal? 

Each 13x4 & 13x6 has a full frontal lace from ear to ear.

How long can our bundles|wig last?

Our bundles & wigs can last 2-3 years with proper care & maintenance as listed above.  Clean lace & clean hair is always recommended to still give you a natural look for your reinstall.  For bundles, make sure to thoroughly wash & deep condition each track+strand before reinstalling.

What is the density for wigs & grade for bundles?

Our natural wigs 14"-32" are 180% density.

Our natural wigs 34"-40" are 220% density.

Our bundle grade is 12A. Each bundle is full from the wefts to the ends.

Our 613,Highliant piano, 99j wigs are 200% density in all lengths.

When purchasing bundles, How many bundles are recommended?

18’-26’ Bundles > (3) Bundles recommended.
28’-32’ Bundles (4) Bundles recommended.
(The longer the length, we reccomend 4 bundles. To achieve a full look customers are welcome.  to go by our bundle recommendations).


What’s the difference in a 13x4 Frontal & 13x6 Frontal?


♡ A 13x4 Lace is a frontal lace where you obtain (3) different parts for your install. 
♡ 13x6 Lace is a frontal lace where you can obtain (3) different parts for your install as well however the lace is much wider so our 13x6 lace is for customers who would like to obtain extra baby hairs|Sideburns, ETC.


How often should I get my hair  touched up?

We recommend you get wig installs touched up every 2 weeks. Sew ins- every 2 weeks also. Please make sure to tie edges/baby hairs down every night before bed. We have lace bands also available for only $7 on our website if needed.  When installing bodywave hair, we recommend to have your stylist layer your hair for last-longing curls. 

What size do our wig caps come?

All wigs automatically come in Large cap size to make it more convenient for customers. However we offer S,M,L,XL. Please send us a email after you place your order if you need to change wig cap size & be sure to attach your desired CM & Inch as shown below. (There is no charge) Our Email:

Customized cap size as below:
S-52cm =20.4inch
M-54cm =21.25inch
L-56cm =22inch


Can I purchase a 200% wig in length 14”-32”?

You can purchase a 200% wig in a shorter length. Please email us or DM thefablifeco_ & we will send over the price list for 200% wigs which will be considered a custom order.


Which lace is best for me & what should I purchase?

The best frontal lace is 13x4 & 13x6. And the best closure lace is 5x5. 13x4 & 13x6 are the best lace frontal options to choose from if you are looking to achieve a ‘natural’ hairline with (3) different parts which also includes sideburns & extra baby hairs for your lace.
5x5 is the BEST lace closure option to obtain for your install as a 5x5 closure lace will still give you more a ‘frontal’ look but does have limited parts & is a much easier lace that does not require LOTS of work maintenance work.